Becky Boyd & The Groove Train - River's Invitation
      Austin Walkin' Cane, Dave Morrison, Jim Wall - High Rent Lemon
      Taylor Lamborn - Paralyzed
      Kristine Jackson - Candy Store
      The Walkin' Cane Band - Radio Cafe
      Andrew, Davies, Nieves & Wall - You've Been On My Mind Lately
      The Jack Fords - Lost Degrees
      Diana Chittester - Waiting / Wanting
      Tony Cuda - Reggae Rag
      June Sladek - Road To You
      Ray Flanagan & Jim Wall - The Only Thing
      The Tritones - Well You Needn't
      Mary Bridget Davies - Kissin' My Love
      Natural Causes - Something Fine, Something Dry
      Ava Preston - Throne
      Brian Davidson & Jim Wall - Soundtrack 01